Asymetrie : 

Asymetrie is a computer graphics workshop thoroughly devoted to the creation and production of perspectives illustrating and enhancing town planning projects, architecture and design.

With 17 years of experience, Asymetrie has collaborated with many research departments in creating high profile projects ranging from private housing to the installation or renovation of a whole urban district affecting public buildings such as museum and schools.

The graphic illustration of an idea is a key component to the success of a project. Not only does it permit to place the project in its ideal environment, but it also highlights its strengths, by giving it life through a scheme of colors, atmospheres, lights, material textures etc....In creating a visual support to the initial architectural project, the decision makers have a much better understanding of the project at stake, giving them full perspective on the outcome.

In many case, the imagery of synthesis (whether static images, animations or virtual spaces) has become a favored means of communication between research departments and clients.


Project location


Asymetrie Sprl

Rue de Thirimont 126
6511 Beaumont

+32 71/ 314 300

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