Canal Street, the new business district of Mons :

Facing the new IKEA and GRANDS PRES shopping center, in the backyard of Santiago CALATRAVA’s multi-modal station walkway and Daniel LIBESKIND’s Congress Center (MICS), next to INITIALIS Science Park and a stone’s throw away from GEOTHERMIA, the park with zero CO2 emission, IDEA is developing a new business district, CANAL STREET.
CANAL STREET is an office district made of 2000 sq.m. adjacent units on 3 to 4 floors that can enhance the look of main boulevards which is given at this part of the municipal territory.

CANAL STREET is open from end 2015. A first unit has been built in 2018 and is dedicated to the economic sector of the construction and its associated services.


Surface area

2 ha



Office developers and end-users



On market now


Boulevard André Delvaux, 7000 Mons, Belgium


Geneviève Finet


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