Visé is a medium-sized town located along the Meuse between Maastricht and Liège. The relationship with the river has been interrupted for half a century by a ditch hosting the main access routes from Belgium to Holland. The project wants both to make access to the river for thousands of inhabitants and to cover this forbidding barrier with a resolutely futuristic and welcoming extension of the city.

In this way, the new bank forms a tunnel to preserve the motorway and railway crossing. The pedestal hosting the extension of the city naturally joins the water level by means of terraced green spaces. The elevation also allows to offer underwater dwellings.

The buildings punctuating this platform are covered by a glass ornament allowing the views of the city to flow towards the river. The whole generates a new eco-system offering homes the benefit of full energy autonomy. Suspended between heaven and earth, a green veil spans the project end to end causing the ride along the Meuse, hence its name, The Canopy.

From the place of the town hall, a new footbridge crosses the Meuse to quickly reach Robinson Island, a popular and well-known green space of Visé.

The project, deliberately futuristic, filters and values ​​water as the main energy vector. With rainwater, the river generates the necessary energy  for the self-sufficiency of the neighborhood and the cooling of the buildings.
It is accompanied by a soft mobility plan for the city on both waterways, airways and land. This plan proposes load-shedding car parks at the ends of the city connected to the center by public transport. Ferry shuttles provide connections to Maastricht and Liège. The project extends to the station at first. The goal of this approach is to make the city entirely pedestrian.

The program is diverse. It welcomes a majority of apartments, some shops and HoReCa along the Meuse, leisure and public services near the station.

Program :

  • Residential: 54.500 sqm
  • Shops: 9.445 sqm
  • Catering: 3.652 sqm
  • Recreation: 2.689 sqm
  • Utilities: 2.384 sqm


Surface area

72.670 sqm






In study



23.682 sqm



Luc Spits Architecture


4600 Visé, Belgium

Luc Spits Architecture
Charlotte Matz
Rue de Mons 206
4600 Visé

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