Charbonnage du Hasard :

The "Charbonnage du Hasard" was the most important mine of the "Société anonyme des Charbonnages du Hasard", which included four mine shafts. The mine is located in the city centre of Cheratte-Bas. Operation started in 1850 and was closed down in 1977.  Remediation of the site began in 2017.

The city of Visé and the SPI acquired the site and started with the demolition of several buildings, decontamination and the protection of the "shaft 1" and its "Malakoff tower". The current project for the "Charbonnage du Hasard" is the result of a competition for which we were named the winner at the end of 2019. 

The former 4-hectare brownfield site will be transformed into a sustainable neighbourhood with a mixed program of 115 residential units, offices, co-working, community and cultural functions. The new neighbourhood provides extensive green areas and urban spaces for Cheratte-Bas, connected by a dense network of pedestrian axes.

It draws its inspiration from the Cité Jardin, situated just opposite the projectsite.  At the foot of the "Malakoff tower" a new square is created, creating a new heart for the city centre of Cheratte-Bas

Single Family housing: 80 units
Apartments:  35 units
Retail: 500 m²
Offices: 1.100 m²
Co-working: 500 m²
Horeca  excl. hotel: 400 m²
Communal space: 1,200 m²
Total CFS development excluded parking silo :  19,000 m²


Surface area

40,884 m² 



Competition PPP 2019 - end of execution 2026 


Property owner

City of Visé - SPI - Matexi NV



Matexi Urban Planning & Development, Altiplan, BAG,  Menzel Landscape, Radiance , Communa, Artesia. 


Rue de Visé, 4602 Cheratte (Visé)

Régis Ortmans

Business Manager

Matexi Liège-Namur-Luxembourg


T +32 4 361 18 04

Rue Visé-Voie 81 bte 1

4000 Liège 

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