CIT-YS Urban business park :

How can Namur businesses be given the means to remain connected to the city while having enough space?
This is the challenge facing the CIT-YS project!
Developing an urban business park connected with Namur Capitale.
How? On the one hand, by rehabilitating a former military site (Belgrade barracks), specifically by converting two 2,000m² halls into rental spaces for SMEs. The other former military halls are to be sold to businesses concerned to ensure responsible urban development and seeking a location near the city and its economic activity.
Another answer relates to equipped sites enabling a 7-ha extension of the rehabilitated site.
To sum up, the following developed real-estate products are available: 
Incubation centres of different sizes (290 to 490 m²) to let;
Large halls (2,400 m²) for sale;
Offices to let;
Equipped sites for sale, intended for the installation of very small companies/SMEs (50,000m²).


Surface area 

150 000 m²



Business park



2018 - 2021



BEP Expansion économique (in progress)


Project location

Chemin de la Plaine, 5001 Namur (Belgrade)


Avenue Sergent Vrithoff 2, 5000 Namur (BE)

Stéphanie Bonmariage

+32 81 71 71 37

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