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Since 2000, the Province of Liege develops a higher education centre in JEMEPPE (City of SERAING) significantly. After the building of 2 phases of the JEMEPPE Campus, the Provincial College decided on a master plan for the years 2012 to 2018.

Among others things, it includes  :

The building of the third phase which will be situated along the « Quai des carmes ». It will allow a better visibility to the H.E.P.L. It will house classrooms and offices.     
The building of a sports hall.                      
The rehabilitation of the former City Hall of Jemeppe, built in 1947 by the Modernist architect Joseph MOUTSCHEN (from Liege), and thus the creation of an Erasmus House with a capacity of 35 students. 
The sanitation of old existing buildings on the site.  

With the new buildings, the built areas will rise from 13,000m² up to more than 20,000 m².

The new configuration of the Campus of the Province will contribute to the revitalization of the area and new activities will surface, such as housing, stores and facilities from the hospitality industry.

The City of SERAING is currently modifying its local plan (Plan Communal d’Aménagement) to encourage the development of this area. 



Province of Liege


Overall investment

9,850,000 €


Public funding

9,850,000 €


Private funding

Yet to be determined


Profile of the investors/promoters required 

Leisure - culture



Erasmus House: works planned from March 2016 to August 2017.

Sports Hall: contract award in June 2016. Completion of work: September 2017.

Third phase of the Campus 2000: contract award at the end of 2016. Work: 2017-2018.

Project location

Avenue Montesquieu, 6 in 4101 Seraing - Belgium

Danielle COUNE

Director general of the Infrastructures and Environment Department of the PROVINCE OF LIEGE

Phone  +32 4 220 71 00

Email :

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