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Commuty adds value to your real-estate by creating mobility hubs for your tenants in your buildings.  At Commuty, we work every day to bring an innovative & digital solution to optimise parking usage and boost green mobility within dynamic companies and innovative office buildings.

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The Commuty app lets you organise flexible accesses for your employees to your company parking on a daily basis. We also help you optimise the usage of the parking and minimise your employees' frustration.

In addition, Commuty also offers a number of tools and methods to reduce parking needs by promoting alternatives (bicycle, carpooling, public transport, etc.). Excellent results have been reported by our customers such as L'Oréal and AG Real Estate for example.

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And for your tenants?

Offering a platform like Commuty to your tenants will make their experience of working in your office buildings seemless. Through Commuty, not only can you offer an optimal parking management to your tenants, you can also enable them to share parking spots, visitor spots, book pool bicycles, poolcars or share a carpool database. Commuty adds value to your real-estate!

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Smart parking management at AG Real Estate, L'Oréal, Partenamut, ... With great results.

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