Congress Center :

Located in the immediate vicinity of the Palais des expositions and the Palais des Beaux-Arts, the conference centre will make it possible to accommodate international business customers under ideal conditions and meet growing demand.

The conference center will feature auditoriums, committee rooms, reception rooms and additional spaces. Its location will also enable the synergies with neighboring institutions to be optimized.

Over time, the Palace’s location will also enable a further structure to be added that will accommodate construction additional investments (Horeca).

From a space usage point of view, it will enable the frontage on boulevard Jacques Bertrand to be reconstituted and by doing so upgrade a public space that is currently disjointed.


Surface area

More than 7000m²



  • The forum (900m²)
  • The reception (585 m²)
  • A restaurant / bar area of 430 m²
  • An auditorium (seating) with 700 seats (fixed seats) with 100 additional seats (chairs), for a total of 800 seats.
  • An audience of +/- 250 seats on one level (chairs).
  • Commission rooms (under design): modular, they can accommodate groups of up to 50 people.
  • Small offices (25 to 30m²), modular, with reception desk.
  • The hall of festivities (or multipurpose room):
  • The main hall of the festivities on the last floor includes an independent foyer of welcome of 130 m², a room of 390m² and a terrace of 200 m² (more sanitary and kitchen).



The works starts in 2017



Publicly owned


Project location

Place du manège, 6000 Charleroi

Ville de Charleroi
Christian Laurent
Chef de Cabinet du Bourgmestre  

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