Construction of the 5th-phase building in Amay :


The current site consists of interim premises with dilapidated and energy-thirsty containers and prefabricated units.

The project is meant as a response to the increase of the training sessions for the firefighters: initial training (patents), continuous professional development, cadet training.

Responding to the needs of the police academy: negotiated management of public space, intervention techniques and tactical approaches, etc.

The main building of an area of approximately 1.700 m² will be built on two levels

taking the clean-unclean chain (health problem linked to the exposure to fumes) into account, and this from both a material and personal point of view.

- a reception area, 6 cold locker rooms, 1 lukewarm locker room, 1 warm locker room, storage magazines and labs for reprocessing the equipment on the ground floor;

- 6 modular classrooms, 2 offices, a canteen, premises for social services, the technical premises and the concierge service room upstairs.

A training room of 1000 m² for mock exercises.

A garage of 600 m² for the emergency vehicles


Overall surface 

9,000 m²


Overall investment

4,700,000 €


Public funding

4,700,000 €


Profile of the investors/promoters required


Housing (flats)




Architectural studies: 2017-2018

Contract award : 2018-2019

Construction work : 2019 to 2020



Project location

Rue Ponthière, Amay, Belgium

Danielle COUNE

Director general of the Infrastructures and Environment Department of the PROVINCE OF LIEGE

 Phone  +32 4 220 71 00

Email :

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