Cultural Centre Boch :

Rehabilitation of the old Boch workshop in a cultural center of art and design of ceramics.

The project is installed on the site of the former BOCH earthenware. It is a question of rehabilitating one of the old industrial halls and integrating a part in extension.

The choice of the maintained building privileges the contact with the new park and the city. The implementation of the new project offers an industrial facade to the park. The extension part is established in relation to the existing one by creating a courtyard with a 'window' on the park.

The industrial character of the existing building must be enhanced in the simplest way. The concrete structure is the best witness. To support this principle a little more, as the old part will be composed only of this original frame covered with a thin translucent skin, as much the extension part will be expressed by means of veils and masses in concrete to establish a dialogue in contrast.

The program is broken down into 4 main types of activities: the reserves - the public and administrative spaces - the workshop spaces - the housing spaces. They will be set up around a courtyard, the yard of the factory, distributing all the spaces. This courtyard while being pre¬servée of the outside environment will have to offer a wide opening on the park. It will be the privileged place of all the meetings between the artists, the craftsmen and the public. Once inside the site, it will mark the starting point of various courses.


Surface area









Place des Fours-Bouteilles - 7100 La Louvière


Rue Hairiamont 23                  

6230 Pont-à-Celles

Tél : 010/45 39 83

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