Digistorm - Initialis 2.0, the extension of the science park :

Hosting infrastructure for digital technology companies, DIGISTORM is a residence for entrepreneurs and creators. The principle of flexible hosTing (from a few weeks to several months) will be favored and will include a working mode of co-working-type by small working groups.

Two other spaces will work in symbiosis with DIGISTORM :

1) DigiCAMPUS (UMONS): living room lab adapted to the researchers of the UMONS, University of Wallonia

2) DigiCAMPUS for DigiLABS (UMONS) : technical infrastructure equipped with state-of-the-art material proposing spaces for the experiments in laboratory (phase of concept and test in real size before deployment in urban zones).

DIGISTORM will be take place in the framework of the extension of Initialis Science Park on a 30-hectares area.       


Surface area

1 ha



Office developers





Avenue Guibal et Devillez, 7000 Mons, Belgium


Geneviève Finet



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