Fiacre :

'"The Fiacre" project consists in the renovation of an architectural building in the Creative District. The creative district project is positioned as an initiator of development as well as an integrator of active actors in the research sector, the development of new creative practices, the realization of creative projects at the service of companies and organizations of the city of Liège, the introduction to creativity and entrepreneurship, the support of creative companies, as well as any other actor orienting its activity towards a creative transformation of the socioeconomic environment in the center Liège. The creative district aims to participate in the revival of this neighborhood in full redevelopment linked to sustainable economic activities.

The projects will be composed of a creative hub (1.500 sqm) and a business center (1.500 sqm). The renovation project of this emblematic building aims to be a model of energetic sobriety, peculiar to the 21st century. Particular emphasis will be placed on high-performance HVAC equipment, as well as on quality insulating materials, notwithstanding the constraints inherent in the renovation of a national heritage site.


Surface area

3.000 sqm (net)



Co-investor(s) who want(s) to associate its brand with a strategic and innovative project in Liege



  • Planning permission obtained in June 2018
  • Construction to begin in 2019
  • Go Live in January 2021
  • 50% occupied with long term leases



3.500 sqm 



Valentiny Architectes


Saint-Denis Square, 4000 Liège, Belgium

Fiacre S.A.

Frédéric Driessens

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