Galaxia Business Park :

Created in 2008 by IDELUX, Galaxia Business Park is designed to offer the most convenient environment to facilitate the creation of new applications and systems based on space technology: technology transfer, telecommunications, earth observation, satellite navigation programs and data processing.

The Galaxia Business Park is in Transinne (Libin), along the A4/E411 motorway connecting Brussels to Luxembourg, 6km from Redu, where the ESA ESEC Redu – Belgium’s only ESA Centre – is located.

Galaxia offers a unique package of complementary tools dedicated to the development of new businesses designed to promote the creation of technical expertise and high-level jobs:

  • The Business Park, an extensive area of building land available for companies involved in the space and high-tech industries;
  • The Business Centre, exclusively connected by fibre optics to the ESA-ESEC Redu Centre and home to several international companies;
  • Galaxia Space Innovation, providing start-ups and spin-off companies with a wide range of business incubation services;
  • The Knowledge Centre, designed to link up research projects run by industry with the academic resources available;
  • The Euro Space Center: an educational centre that can host exhibitions, seminars and events;
  • The Galileo Integrated Logistics Support Centre , the only one of its kind in the world. The Galileo programme is designed to benefit the European Union from its own satellite navigation system.
  • The ESA Education Training Centre (ESEC-Galaxia) encompasses the E-Technology Lab, the Training and Learning Facility, and the CubeSat Support Facility.

So far, with a total of 130 jobs specialising in this sector, Redu-Transinne is on track to become Wallonia’s 3rd biggest hub dedicated to the space industry.


Surface area

20 ha 



Companies involved in the space and high-tech industries 



Expansion of the business park (9 ha) ; Works duration : June 2019 – end of 2020 


Property owner



Rue devant les Hêtres 2, B-6890 Transinne (Libin), Belgium


Joël Marinozzi 

+32 499 94 70 81

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