Gastronomia :

Renovation and reconversion of  an industrial site situated in the heart of the city, for the development of a food hall project including:

  • Commercial spaces dedicated to food sector, bio and local products
  • Dining areas
  • Multipurpose area for seasonal events
  • Business center
  • 750 places parking lot
  • High quality  architecture with unique industrial character
  • ERDF funding for renovation: 9,3 Mio €
  • Socio-economic permit obtained
  • Walloon government agreement on a ppp

4.700 m² available  space around the renovated halls for a private real estate development including:

  • Housing and offices
  • Commercial ground floor
  • Private parking
  • High quality architecture in keeping with the renovated surrounding public space

The site is located within a completely remodeled public area.


Surface area

Renovated industrial halls:
    3.500 m²  (retail)
    1.300 m²  (business)
Real estate project
    Plot : 4.700 m²
    Constructed floor space: +/- 10.500 m²
Parking lot
     750 places 



Depollution work in progress
Design and build public market: beginning 2018
Renovation work:  2020
End of project:  2022/ beginning 2023



Public Land control



Launch of the design and build public market, beginning 2018


Searching for

Investor for development and management
Investor for housing
Investor for shopping ground floor

Project location

Rue Cockerill, 4100 Seraing

Valérie Depaye
+32 497 46 16 32

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