The city of Seraing has been studying for several years a foodcourt concept development in an old industrial hall located in the city center.

A   9.3 million euros ERDF financing has been obtained for the rehabilitation and preservation of the industrial heritage of bicentennials halls (1817).

The contract was awarded in late 2019 to a private partner. This will become, via a decision of the Walloon Government, the beneficiary of the ERDF subsidy in order to proceed with the renovation of the heritage buildings.

An additional investment estimated at 21 million euros will be needed to develop the Gastronomia project.

The same private developer will also be responsible for the development of a housing and retail project  located next to the Gastronomia halls.


Surface area

Gastonomia project:

  •     3.500 m²  (retail)
  •     3.000 m²  (business)

Real estate project:

  •     Plot : 4.700 m² + 4.000 m²
  •     Building floor space: +/- 10.500 m²

Parking lot:

  •      750 places 



2020 :

  • Project design
  • Planning permissions
  • Environmental permit
  • Commercial licence

2021 - 2022

  • Renovation and project developement


  • Opening


Property owner 

Private partner



Rue Cockerill - 4100 Seraing


Valérie Depaye

+32 497 46 16 32

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