Grand Poste:

La Grand Poste is located at the northern entrance of Liege (Belgium) at the heart of the Creative District (Grand Léopold).

The Creative District is positioned as an initiator of development as well as an integrator of active actors in the Media and Tech sector. This development aims to participate in the revival of this neighborhood in full redevelopment linked to sustainable economic activities. Other projects are developed in addition to La Grand Poste as “Le Fiacre”, “Ilot Madeleine”, “Chapelle des Clercs”, etc.)

La Grand Poste project consists in urban revitalization of the former head office of the Belgian post in Liege. The building has been built at the beginning of the 20th century and is of significant architectural value. The building program is uniquely diversified, which gives the project a great attractiveness to different types of people. It is divided as :
- Craft brewery 550 sqm (10.000hl/y.)
- Food Market 1.050 sqm
- Media Campus (University of Liege) 1.100 sqm
- Offices 900 sqm
- Co-working and start-up village 1.800 sqm






  • Under construction
  • Go Live in September 2020
  • 75% occupied with long term leases


Property owner

8.000 sqm 








Quai sur Meuse 19, 4000 Liège, Belgium

Frédéric Driessens


Gerome Vanherf

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