COMPANY : Created to be the exclusive provider of Halio products and services to the building industry, Halio is a joint venture between AGC, the world’s largest flat glass manufacturer and Kinestral Technologies, Inc., developer and manufacturer of Halio smart-tinting technologies. The joint venture is comprised of two entities - Halio North America and Halio International. The partnership leverages the partners’ respective strengths and knowledge: AGC’s reputation in the building industry and 100+ years of experience in glass technologies and Kinestral’s innovative, patented smart-tinting technologies.

SOLUTION : Halio is a natural light management system, composed of a connected glass capable to tint in less than 3 minutes to block heat and glare, to maximize people comfort indoor while always keeping the connexion with the outside.


Brussels (BE) - Installation of Halio in a skylight of a pharmacy to allow natural light enter the building while blocking the solar heat.

San Francisco (US) - Installation of Halio Black as internal partitions to privatize meeting rooms and interior spaces of urban office.

Brussels (BE) - Installation of Halio in facade for the refurbishment of the iconic Gare Maritime (Tour & Taxis site) that will turn into a mixed-used building. Halio has been chosen to retain the building's original metal architecture without additional elements such as blinds (completed in 2019).

Hanover (GER) - Installation of Halio on the first floor of a brand new office building that wanted to protect its meeting rooms from heat and glare, while showcasing Halio's innovative technology (completed in the spring of 2019).


Avenue Jean Monnet 4, 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium

General Manager

Benoît Domercq



Marketing & Communication Director

Katia Hansen


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