HDB site (Houget-Duesberg-Bosson):

Project to create a sustainable district, close to the city centre, on this brownfield site (former weaving-machine factory).

Multifunctional programme including:

  • ±160 homes primarily for families and seniors
  • A reception area for small urban businesses (approx. 1ha.)
  • A few nearby shops and services

Other features of the project:

  • Landscaped public spaces linking to the banks of the waterways
  • Energy-efficient buildings and development of local energy sources (ERDF sheet)
  • Development of a quality contemporary image, particularly through the architecture and urban planning


Surface area

45.800 m²



Investors/developers with those profiles :

  • Primarily:
    • Housing to be developed by the private sector
  • Additionally:
    • Services
    • Offices and SMEs
    • Nearby shops
    • Leisure – culture
    • Others



  • 1st phase: general site clean-up by the SPI: demolition, decontamination, levelling

Site under way (10/2016 ➔ mid 2017)

  • 2nd phase: re-urbanisation of the site through the creation of a new sustainable district

Redevelopment options validated by the town and the region

  • Works from 2018 (potentially in phases)



Total :  ± 30 millions €

Public :  ± 5 millions € (clean-up + economic area facilities)

Private : ± 25 millions €


Property owner

SPI – development agency for the province of Liège


Rue du Tissage, 4800 Verviers, Belgium


Development Agency for the Province of Liège

Rue du Vertbois 11, B-4000 Liège, Belgium




Project leader : Eric Vidal

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