Herstal city centre masterplan project  :

Herstal has been implementing an ambitious urban renewal policy for several years. A direct extension of the urban centre of the Liège conurbation, it is the continuum of the City of the future which is being rolled out.
The radical renewal of Herstal’s image can already be seen at the Marexhe train station, the new City Hall and Jean Jaurès square. Other projects are still to see the light of day either as part of the urban renovation project or through FEDER 2014-2020 structural funds (such as the urban heating loop).
The Masterplan carries on and broadens the existing dynamics. Its object is to define an overall development goal for Herstal’s city centre.
Whereas in the past the road system has run along parallel lines between the canal and the railway line, the Masterplan proposes a new vertical backbone marking a radically new route from the upper part via Laixheau square and Jean Jaurès square as far as the boulevard and the Albert canal where it opens out onto the Meuse valley.
This will bring a new impetus linking the different areas and opening them up to the wide Mosan landscape. Henceforth Herstal will be anchored to the banks of the Meuse.
Public spaces with a variety of different themes will feature in a range of projects aimed at bringing new perspectives to the city, in harmony with its citizens and the environment.



From 2019


Searching for 




Pluris SCRL / Bruno Bianchet



100.000 m² of public land out of a total of 125.000 m²

Project location

4040 Herstal

Ville de Herstal :
Véronique DEJONG, Conseillère en aménagement du territoire et urbanisme
04 256 83 01

Urbeo :
Frédéric SEVRIN, Directeur
04 264 82 59

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