The project HILLSIDE is a global reflexion, both on a architectural and urbanistic point of view. 

The program contains 120 units of luxury housing divided in 12 single-family houses and 108 apartments. 

Two areas, reserved for the liberal professions, each of 300sqm, will energize this new neighborough. Developped following strong gestures, the arrangement of volumetrics is appreciated (and highlighted) by circulations and major axes articulating the entire project. 

Interconnection, promenade, central plaza, pedestrian area, meeting points and « respiration area » are the key words characterizing the urbain dimension of the project. The architectural dimension resonates with minimalism, light, privatization, eco responsability and innovation. 

The link between architecture and urbanism, essential to the creation of a coherent and pleasant living environment, is the vegetation. Nature has largely conquered this project and will create a haven of well-being to the inhabitants. 


Surface area

24 000 sq.m.






delivery of construction permit : january 2020



29 000 sq.m.



Bureau d'Architecture Luc Spits

Project location

Rue Maurice Yans, 4000 Liège, Belgium

Luc Spits Architecture
Pierre-Marie Demonceau
Rue de Mons 206
4600 Visé

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