Huy – Northern District :


The project aims to redevelop this former industrial site based on a mixed programme that is able to bring together the following functions:

  • small-scale economic activities
  • offices and/or co-working centre
  • services
  • housing
  • hotel/restaurant/catering services
  • etc.

Other features of the project:

  • Huy station 200 metres away (multimodal station: trains/bus)
  • links to the station by footpaths and cycle paths



Public investment : €500,00

Private investment : to be determined 

Total investment : to be determined

Profiles of investors/developers sought

Developers/investors for:

  • SMEs
  • Offices/Co-working
  • Services
  • Housing (apartment buildings)
  • Hotel/restaurant/catering services


  • 1st phase: redevelopment of this former brownfield site (demolition, clean-up, levelling), overseen by the SPI with subsidies from Wallonia - estimated time-frame 2018
  • 2nd phase: reconversion of the site. Redevelopment works begin immediately after.

Time-scale: 5 years for all phases

Project location

Rue Dormal - 4500 Huy Next to Huy train station

SPI, Development agency for the province of Liege

Rue du Vertbois, 11 à B-4000 Liege

Tél +32 4 230 11 11 -

Project leader : Florence BREVERS

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