From industrial city to urban farming ecodistrict:

Are you looking for a space for your projects in a hyper-connected place?

You’ll find it at the ACEC site in Herstal. ACEC site is:

A total area of 264,000 m². Where? In the heart of the Meuse–Rhine Euroregion, one of the first Euroregions, with a current population of 3.9 million inhabitants and which includes the cities of Liège, Maastricht (Netherlands) and Aachen (Germany).

Located in the city of Herstal, the site is directly connected to the Hauts-Sarts, the largest business park in Wallonia with its 468 companies and 10,015 jobs. 
At the ACEC site you will find a place in transition which bears witness to the transformation from industrial city to new ecodistrict with its gigantic industrial buildings and its agricultural plateau.

This new ecodistrict will include an important urban farming zone with greenhouses, production and transformation hall (production will be intended for local consumption).

Moreover, a green technologies business cluster will be developed in a relation with VERDIR (University of Liège) project and its two components; a Smart Box incubator and the Tropical Plant Factory dedicated to the extraction of molecules for use in biotechnologies.

Urban farming has to serve the city’s transformation.

This project is made possible with the development of an urban heating network which brings real leverage to the transformation of the whole site. The first phase of the heating network project is due to be delivered in 2021.

The ACEC site will be connected to the future extension of the tram of Liège. 


Surface area







From 2019


Property owner

Total area of 264,000 m²



Studio 017 Paola Vigano / Idea Consult


ACEC site, rue PJ Antoine 4040 Herstal

Urbeo :

Frédéric SEVRIN


04 264 82 59



Directeur général

04 230 11 11

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