La Promenade Carabiniers :

Near Brussels and on the main communication axe to the souht of Belgium. The project, is located in the heart of Waver. Waver considered like a dynamic economic node is the capital of Brabant Wallon. 

La Promenade Carabiniers consists in the reconfiguration of the existing Carabiniers car park (currently an open-air parking) into a mixed project comprising housing (8.000m²), shops (4.000m²) and underground parking (12.000 m²). This contributes to the transformation of the urban axis between the railway station and the boulevard de l’Europe, also known as “la Promenade”, and is a critical element of the Waver 2030 vision for the urban and environmental redevelopment of the town center.

The projects correspond to its environment in echoing different layers of reading of the town (templates, plot, sided roof, diversity, unity, tone...).


Surface area







Permits to be obtained 2019



Municipality of Waver - Public market won by Matexi





Project location

Car park Carabiniers, 1300 Wavre, Belgium

Matexi Brabant Wallon

Rue de Champles 50 

1300 Wavre

Corine Buffoni :

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