Le Jardin des Paraboles 

In this creative process the needs of the Silver Economy, linked to an ageing population and well-being, as well as those of anyone requiring facilities in a beautiful and secure environment have been integrated.  The living conditions are pleasant and relaxing, the environment is safe and welcoming, the individual or grouped accommodation is easy to live in and comfortable, with a friendly neighbourhood, quality personalized and communal services, a comforting presence, and the delegation of logistical and practical concerns.  In short, all the facilities needed and exclusively in a rural environment ! To ensure peace and tranquillity a car parking area at the entrance of the site will be used by the residents and their guests, from there they will be able to continue by soft mobility, using electric golf carts and minibuses.

A 'Smart Life Eco Village' of services, a concrete response to changing demographics in an attractive location :

  • Application of the 'Smart City' principles => Smart Village ;
  •  'Silver Economy' => mainly intergenerational, with emphasis on services for seniors ;
  •  Eco village : ecology, economy, eco-construction.


50 ha


Building permits by Q 2 - 2019


Altiplan & Helium 3

Project location

Rue de l'Antenne 63 - B 5580 LESSIVE

Christophe Nihon +32 (0)472 46 90 16

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