Le Tilleul : 

LE TILLEUL is a project for both urban planning and architecture. The architect goes beyond his functions and becomes an urban planner with the aim of creating a real neighborhood. The site is an untapped plot located at the end of the village of Hermalle which makes part of the town of Oupeye. This virgin and peaceful space was a real opportunity to offer individual and grouped quality housing at a price in real adequacy with the local and current market. This public project is truly rational without forgetting the passion of its creator, architecture.

land area 35101 sqm
buildings area 15041sqm
27 houses
90 appartments ( 6 penthouses)
203 parkings
38 Garages



start 2019



35101 sqm

Project location

Oupeye, Liege

Bureau d’Architecture Luc Spits

rue de Mons 206

4600 Visé  

+32 4376 69 59 



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