Liege Trilogiport:

Liège Trilogiport is a multimodal platform (120 ha) located at 15 h of navigation from Antwerp, 24h from Rotterdam!

Over 120 ha, the multimodal platform combines:

  • 1 trimodal container terminal (water – rail - road) managed by DP World Liège Container Terminals  (15 ha)
  • Logistical zone managed by JostGroup & WDP & Weerts Supply Chain  (60ha)

200.000 m² of state-of –the art warehouses available immediately ! 


Surface area

Province of Liège, Belgium



Companies and European distribution centres interested benefiting of the excellent strategic location of Liège Trilogiport.





Property owner

Property : Walloon region 

Management : Liege Port Authority


Rue du Trilogiport, 4681 Hermalle-sous-Argenteau, Belgium

Liege Port Authority

Emile-Louis BERTRAND

Managing Director

Quai de Maestricht 14 

4000 Liege

Tel: 0032 4 232 97 97

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