Manage Nord, a new 65-ha park dedicated to agrofood and ecoconstruction companies :

Extending over 65 hectares, the project aims at developing a new economic activities park. The new park will propose large plots of land of industrial type, in complementarity with parks situated nearby, more dedicated to SME's. The target is companies from the sectors of the food-processing industry and the eco-construction. The access to a 1350-tons canal constitutes, besides, an undeniable asset for companies. The zone will thus be reserved firstly for the activities using the river system for the transport of the goods. A platform of transshipment water / road will moreover be put in service with the Ministery of waterways network and the local autonomous port (PACO).


Surface area




Industrial building developers and end-users





Route Baccara, 7070 Manage, Belgium


Geneviève Finet


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