The project is located along the Meuse, near a green park, several hectares big. Large lakes stretch out behind the buildings. The E25 motorway connecting Liège and Maastricht surrounds the project. It enables you to access Liège in 10 minutes, and also Maastricht in 10 minutes. 

The Trilogiport site, the 3rd largest inland port in Europe – after the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp – is located behind the 25-hectare park. It is an area undergoing great expansion and seething with excitement. A new bridge has been built. It is one of the strong symbols of the site. The project will itself be a new landmark from this bridge and from the motorway. To match the strong symbol of the bridge, it will be a real calling for an active and innovative area, in the province of Liège.

The programme is varied. It includes 4 buildings accommodating a block of luxury flats, shops, offices and apartments.

Emphasis is put on low energy consumption. Different techniques are used in order to minimise the ecological impact of the buildings.


Surface area

  • 16.000 square meters of land
  • 22.190square meters of buildings
  • 85 apartments
  • Block of 50 luxury flats
  • 5 shops
  • 1.200 to 2.500 square meters of offices






First phase in 2017


Property owner

Majority in private ownership


4680 Oupeye (Liège), Belgium

Meuse View
Rue de Mons 206
4600 Visé

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