New allocation of military sites : Barrack of Jambes (Wispelaere):

The urban planning would be as follows:

  • The reconversion of the site should plan the development of a new residential area in order to consolidate the urbanization of this part of the city;
  • Along the Dave Street and in the central part of the site, the plan should include apartment buildings offering a variety of surfaces; the fringes of the site, in direct relation with the existing districts, should house single-family houses;
  • Within the perimeter, it is not desirable to develop commercial activities intended for the individuals of semi-current non bulky goods or any activities which can compete with the center of Jambes;
  • Occasionally, craft activities, office spaces or spaces for liberal professions can be planned;
  • Part of the site will be devoted to a leisure area which may include tourist accommodation;

Preservation of built heritage:

  • It is necessary to keep, for part, the building located in front of the road; It will allow to keep a trace of the initial vocation of the site.
  • It is also desired to keep the building located near the towpath and to study its reconversion into a leisure area.


Surface area

8,7 ha - Buildings on site (36,000 m² of floor space)








Property owner

Owned by the national Defense


Dave Street, 5100 Jambes, Belgium

Urban Planning Department

Hôtel de Ville

5000 Namur

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