Paradis Express :

Paradis Express will be a genuine eco-quarter having an area of no less than 35,000 m², blending new housing, offices, a day-care centre, restaurants and cafes, neighbourhood shops and many green areas. With the Guillemins railway station and a new tram line right nearby, Paradis Express will be a perfectly integrated neighbourhood project, enjoying a privileged site in the city of Liège.

In the programme, Matexi will develop 115 apartments and studios, in total representing a habitable surface area of around 10,400 m². In addition, there will be about 1,600 m² of free space for restaurants and cafes, services and liberal professions, and nearly 400 m² reserved for shops. There will also be 155 parking places for the apartments. 5 key phrases: Privileged and strategic site, Contemporary and dynamic neighbourhood, Integration of the project into the city, Eco-quarter assuring a variety of functions, Central and connecting project.

Paradis Express will be more than just a residential and office project. In line with our mission aimed at developing inspiring neighbourhoods within cities, we are opting for a blend of housing and sustainable, high-quality services, such as restaurants, cafes and shops, and this in one of the most dynamic quarters of Liège.

Terrain area project site Paradis Express : 35,000 m²

Apartments and studios: 115 units

Retail: 400 m²

Restaurants, bars, services and office spaces: 1,600 m²

Total CFS development excluded underground parkings : 10,400 m²


Surface area

Total area of the project site 35,000 m² 



2020 -  2024


Property owner

Matexi NV



Bureau A2M, Bureau d’Architecture Greish,  Jaspers-Eyers Architects


Esplanade des Guillemins, 4000 Liège

Regis Ortmans

Business Manager

Matexi Liège-Namur-Luxembourg


T +32 4 361 18 04

Rue Visé-Voie 81 bte 1

4000 Liège 

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