Porte des Hauts-Pays :

A stone’s throw away from France, IDEA is developing a new park that will mix land for large developments and land for small and middle companies. At the entrance of the countryside and in the direct vicinity of a big windmill park, the PORTE DES HAUTS-PAYS is proposing the largest plot of land in Wallonia, with a 60 hectares-plot of land in one shot, suiting for large-scale Data Centers like the nearby GOOGLE, or industrial developers.
IDEA is looking as well for developers as for final users.


Surface area

90 ha



Developers and end-users



Planning procedure in 2016 - Equipment in 2018



Project location

Rue d’Elouges -B-7370 Dour


 Geneviève Finet 

Phone: +32 65 37 57 08


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