Public Spaces :

Public space is the foundation upon which the city project is built. It is the genuine structural warp and weft that serves both as the base and the link for all major urban projects. This is why

having a top-quality public space is imperative in terms of enhancing the urban and economic attractiveness

of the project for any party involved in the life of the city, whether it be a citizen, business or institution.

The approach consists of defining the major frameworks that outline urban public spaces so that good, complementary and, especially, linked projects can be inserted into it.

The city’s boulevards are the backbone of this framework. They will be reconfigured to restore proper balance to the place granted to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, as well as to significantly improve the quality of public space.

All along this structural axis there are existing infrastructures to be renovating, as well as new ones or ones to be built – all of which will form an extremely cohesive ensemble.

Place du Manège and the public spaces linked to it will have their chaotic parking areas removed and will be returned to the local people in the form of a quality public space suitable for the development of Hospitality sector businesses, with a firm footing in the area. The cavity on boulevard

Solvay will be enclosed and converted

into an underground car park that will be directly connected to the new infrastructures.


Surface area

2.5 km of streets and 3 public places



Refurbishment of streets and public places



The work starts in 2017



Publicly owned


Project location

6000 Charleroi
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