Quai 10 :

The Quai 10 project consists of refurbishing and extending the building of the old National Bank of Belgium in the Ville-Basse, between Quai de Brabant and rue Léopold. The building is being reassigned as an image center, involving a program consisting of a four-screen cinema complex, a large brasserie area capable of hosting events and concerts, exhibition spaces, studios and workshops, plus a residence for artists that will function and be accessed independently. The existing building on the quayside will be retained.

The various levels of the building will accommodate the residences for artists and workshops.

In rue Léopold, a new building housing a cinema complex offers a new urban façade. The central section of the building will be used for the large brasserie area. The basements will house the exhibition spaces.

Beyond being a simple cultural location, the building will also become a city centre hub.

A large urban pedestrian system of walkways will be created between the quaysides and rue Léopold. This will make it possible to extend the line of rue Puissant down to the quaysides. The new pedestrian walkway – a unique urban space suspended above the water – will be accessible directly from place verte through the public passage that passes through the building.


Surface area

4.000 m2






Owned by the city of Charleroi




Project location

Quay 10, 6000 Charleroi

City of Charleroi
Christian Laurent
Chef de Cabinet du Bourgmestre


Quai 10

Michail Bakolas, director

Tel. : +32 71 31 71 47
Fax : +32 71 30 64 04

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