Quartier Destrée :

The QUARTIER DESTRÉE project in Gilly is part of the urban and landscape intensification ambitions of Metropolitan Charleroi. It aims the profound and long term transformation of the city centre. The bureau that was selected to redesign this green area with public buildings suggested an evolving project that is anchored in its territory and based on two complementary structuring ecologies: a vegetal ecology (the Destrée parc) and a mineral ecology (the Destrée place).

These two strong ambitions guarantee a shared vision between the project management, the residents and the potential actors.

Finally, a number of tailored measures were put into place: renovation, construction and demolition of existing buildings will strongly improve the quality of life in the neighbourhood. 


Surface area

3ha of public space, 42 housing units and 3.000 m2 of polyvalent spaces 






Master planning 



Ville de Charleroi



CENTRAL office for architecture and urbanism,

Greisch (bureau d’étude),

Plant en Houtgoed (Bio-ingénieurs)


Place Destrée, 6060 Gilly (Charleroi), Belgium
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