Quartier "Sacré Français":

The new neighbourhood « Sacré Français » will cover an area of 20ha and will be set advantageously close to services, schools, public transport, leisure and sport infrastructure.

The project best illustrates the new urban development strategy of Charleroi which aims at enhancing urban experience through greater and more diverse housing typologies and a better mix of functions to steer urban economic activity. It will offer 360 dwellings.

The construction will be phased in time. Each phase will add extra value to the urban tissue thanks to the development of new places of conviviality, leisure or special landmarks together with a singular project of community housing.

Ultimately the project aims at upgrading a singular open space that is most characteristic for Charleroi’s landscape : the slag heap. Through the years those hills grew out to become unique ecosystems. Besides their environmental, historic and social value this project will aim at adding a new dimension to the place : « inhabiting the hill ». 


  •  "public square of the neighbourhood", 1ha, 50 units/ha, soit 50 dwellings
  •  "urban neighbourhood 2ha", +- 80 units/ha, soit +- 160 dwellings
  •  "inhabiting the hill", 3ha, +-50 units/ha, soit +- 150 dwellings
  •  "economic activity", 1.8ha, Northside of the site
  •  "services and / or leisure", 2ha (no program yet)


Surface area

+/- 20 ha



Research for investors



"Urban neighbourhood":

2022: Building permits

2023: start of construction work “inhabit the hill”:

2022: Search for candidates

2023: Building permits and start of construction “economic activity”:

2022: Building permits

2023: start of construction work


Property owner

Valimo scrl



  • Urban planning : Dessin et Construction,
  • Community housing : Twyce-Coarchi
  • Urban district : DSH architecture




Rue Gohyssart, 6020 Charleroi


Route du Condroz 127

B-4031 Liège


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