Rives de Charleroi :

The neighbourhood around the Charleroi station has already began its transformation. The masterplan created by the architecture and urban planning cabinet MSA highlights the city’s ambition to extend large projects outside of the city centre and place the Sambre at the heart of the Ville-Basse.

Already, the Left Side Business Park and its six housing and office blocks are connected to the west of the city, with public spaces and a large landscaped parking lot that will be located under the ring and around the Porte Ouest.

The marina, in addition to providing many opportunities for a stroll along the riverside, will also add many housing opportunities beside the river.

In the station, the renovation of the tunnels under the railway and the entryways on the square and on the Villette side, will reinforce the link between the Ville-Basse and Marcinelle.

To the south of the station, just behind the railway lines, the Villette neighbourhood will undergo a complete renewal. 

An ambitious renovation project on the paved parking area will be completed in two stages:

1) The current parking lot will keep its current function, but be surrounded by a landscaped area. Dozens of trees will encircle the site and individual parking spaces, giving structure to the current paved area.

2) Once the trees have grown larger, this space will be transformed into a park, with housing units at the southern edge of the site. Parking facilities will then be transferred to a parking silo at the edge of the ring.


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