Student housing : 

Student housing project situated on a 4 hectares green site overlooking the River Meuse.

The project offers a very high potential with more than 30.000 students coming from Liege University (5 to 10 min drive) and several High Schools nearby.
It should include all facilities, services and necessary equipment for the comfort of students.

The site is very well served with public transport: bus and train stop on the site, connected to the TGV Liege station.
The construction of a shared parking nearby will profit to the whole neighborhood.

This project is part of a larger one concerning the revitalization of the entire district (Trasenster) with the development of a culture pole, implemented by the City of Seraing and including the creation of a concert hall, arts and entertainment schools and spaces for SMEs with cultural orientation.

Property owner and developer: City of Seraing 


Surface area

4 hectares green site 



Ongoing feasibility studies
2018: Call for private promotor for student housing and services



Property of the city of Seraing


Searching for

Investor for student housing and services
Student housing manager


Project location

Quai Louva 14, 4102 Seraing (Ougrée)

Valérie Depaye
+32 497 46 16 32

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