Student Park :

The City of Seraing is developing a project to build housing for students and young workers in a 4-hectares park.  The project also includes the restoration of the Trasenster Castle and the development of the park to make it accessible to the public.

The project offers a very high potential with more than 30.000 students coming from the Liege University (5 to 10 minutes by car) and from several colleges nearby.

It will include all the facilities, services and necessary equipment for the comfort of the occupants. The site is very well connected with public transport: bus and train stop on the site (8 minutes from Liege Central Station) and shared parking.

This project is part of the revitalization of the entire district, including the development of a new cultural and economic centre, implemented by the City of Seraing.


Surface area

  • Park: 4 hectares
  • Buildings: +/- 7,000 m² floor area (300 dwellings)
  • Castle: +/- 1,540 m²



  • 2021: 3 teams have submitted offers 
  • 2022: award of contract / preliminary design / submission of permit 


Property owner

City of Seraing



To be appointed  


4102 Ougrée (Seraing)


Valérie Depaye

+32 497 46 16 32

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