Multifunctional real estate project with a partially planted storage building. High quality  architecture:  the building is listed since 2003 for its facades and roof which have been restored for 5 years. Triage Lavoir is an industrial coal mining site built with a grant of US Marshall Plan in 1954. The project offers 16,000 sq meters to new uses. 3500 sq meters of glass area give enough brigthness to organise multifunctional activities: several open spaces, start up offices, lofts, storage...  Surroundings, parking, internal road works are still realized by sa Triage Lavoir du Centre. Urban planning: mixed economic area


Surface area

Listed building: 16,000 sq meters, 57 m x 52 m



Property developer, investors 



Planted storage building: delivered 



sa Triage Lavoir du Centre/TPF


Property owner

sa Triage Lavoir du Centre

Project location

Rue des Mineurs 31, 7134 Binche, Belgium

sa Triage Lavoir du Centre/TPF

c/o IDEA

Rue de Nimy 53

7000 Mons


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