Tribune Hippodroom in Waregem :

Waregem, the Mecca of equestrian sports in Belgium and especially known to the general public for the mega event "Waregem Koerse", has had ambitious plans for some time.

VZW the Koninklijke Waregemse Koersvereniging, and also organizer of Waregem Koerse, dreamed for years of a renewal of the existing stand at the hippodrome in Waregem. The existing stand had proved its worth in the past and a reorientation was necessary.

Over the years, the idea developed that the design and realisation of a new grandstand should transcend the event Waregem Koerse due to its multifunctionality.

The preliminary design, designed by Stefaan Sergeant of IPES, was further developed by the architectural firm Goedefroo & Goedefroo from Wielsbeke. The aim of the preliminary design is that from the central staircase on each floor 2 multifunctional spaces are made available that can be used for all kinds of events.

As a contractor and horse lover, this project did not leave Willy unmoved.  He was very proud that IPES, who was responsible for the coordination of the project, chose Willy Naessens Industriebouw as partner for the structural work and the aluminium joinery.

The grandstand building has 5 floors with a total surface area of 5.600 m², including 1.800 m² of terraces on the visible side of the hippodrome and a roof terrace of 1.000 m².  This roof terrace has been designed in such a way that a tent can be placed on it during major events such as Waregem Koerse.

The construction of the grandstand building was a real feat! Given the urgency of the project, Willy Naessens Industriebouw put in the big resources and the entire prefab structure was erected in just 7 weeks.

Thanks to the vertical integration embodied by the Willy Naessens group, the installation of the joinery followed very quickly.  445 lm glass balustrade, 1.415 m² of joinery (consisting of 63 large sliding windows, 54 doors and 933 m² of glass) were installed in record time.

The grandstand building is a prestige project for the region.  Willy Naessens industrial building is therefore rightly very proud that we were one of the partners who ensured that the realisation of this project was successfully completed.


Surface area

5.600 m²





Property owner

vzw Koninklijke Waregemse Koersvereniging



Goedefroo & Goedefroo architecten


Holstraat 67, 8790 Waregem, Belgium
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