Val Benoit :

Based on a Master Plan approved by the City, the mutifunctional program of this mixed-use urban neighbourhood has this multifunctional programme:

  • 35,000 m² dedicated to the  location of business
  • 300 housing units (students, senior citizens, families, etc.)
  • 1,800 jobs, 1,000 visitors/students/clients per day
  • Spaces reserved for services, leisure and culture
  • Small commercial and Horeca units
  • A central pedestrian park with squares, green spaces, playgrounds and meeting places
  • Carparks
  • More than 15,000 m² reserved for offices (private development)
  • Buildings with a high-energy performance
  • High-quality internal layouts and external landscaping
  • Renovated "modernist" heritage architecture
  • Strong site identity

Excellent accessibility: close to motorway junction E25-E40, connections to regional routes, the high-speed train station and access to public and soft modes of transport.


Surface area

9.3 hectares



Investors/developers with the following profiles :

  • Businesses to take up residence
  • Developers of houses, apartments
  • Developers of carparks and services



CHIMIE 9,200m² of office space in September 2022.

Opening of 3 lots for buildings of 30, 60 and 70 housing units in 2022.



Total :  To be determined

Public :  100 millions €

Private : To be determined


Property owner

SPI (Development agency for the province of Liege): 5.9 ha

Other owners for the remaining areas


Val Benoit, Quai Banning 6, B-4000 Liège


Development Agency for the Province of Liège

Val Benoit, Quai Banning 6, B-4000 Liège, Belgium


François Demez

Laurence Slangen

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