Ville + Sambre + Ville :

The project comprises the development of a new residential district in the immediate vicinity of the town centre and public services (local authority offices, arts centre, sports hall, swimming pool, etc.). The project is part of a wider project for the regeneration of the banks of the Sambre.  The idea involves the creation of a riverside park which would enable new functional and geographical relationships to be developed between the locations along the banks of the Sambre, while also encouraging new ways of using the river, in particular through sport and other outdoor activities, in order to bring economic and land-use benefits.

This new development on the left bank of the Sambre will be linked to the town by a new pedestrian bridge.  It is designed as a showcase for the "new district" concept with green public spaces and a focus on energy use. 


Surface area

5 hectares 



To provide new housing and services 



First phase in 2019


Property owner

Public and private 


Rue du Cimetière des Français, 5060 Sambreville, Belgium


Avenue Sergent Vrithoff 2

5000 Namur



Christophe Callut


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