Ville + Sambre + Ville :

The project involves creating a new housing district very close to the city centre and its public services (municipal administration, cultural centre, sports hall, swimming pool, etc.). The project is part of a plan with the broader objective of enhancing the value of the area on the banks of the river Sambre. The general idea is to create a riverside park where new functional and spatial relationships could be established between the areas along the river Sambre, while promoting new ways of experiencing the river, in particular via sport and outdoor activities with a view to economic and territorial development. 
This new district which would be created on the left bank of the river Sambre would be linked to the city by a new footbridge. It will be designed as a 'new' district with extensive planting in public spaces and a carefully considered approach to energy. This site is currently being examined as part of the Val de Sambre study, which aims to bring about the economic redeployment of the Sambre valley.                                                                  


Surface area

5 hectares 



To provide new housing and services 



First phase in 2019



Public and private 


Project location

Rue du Cimetière des Français - Sambreville


Avenue Sergent Vrithoff, 2

5000 Namur (BE)

Alexandre Colot

+32 81 71 71 64

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