Success Stories @ MIPIM

Discover all the advantages that Walloon economic partners like you have gained in terms of knowledge, awareness and development of their activity by benefiting from AWEX's support to attend the MIPIM.



ERIGES - Valérie Depaye

« The strength is to be able to use the AWEX network, particularly in relations with the press or with certain investors.. »



IDEA - Geneviève Finet

« We get all the logistical support to gather around a common thematic, visual display and message. The team is doing an incredible job preparing us and our arrival. »



Willy Naessens Group - Lieven Vanhautegem

« What's important fur us, is that AWEX is a pole of attraction for many Belgian, foreign and French investors.  »



Asymetrie - Xavier Vanabelle

« AWEX has facilitated our access to the MIPIM exhibition, which has allowed us to gain greater awareness and recognition in the architecture and real estate world. »



Province of Walloon Brabant - Pierre Francis

« AWEX allows us to go to MIPIM at a more acceptable cost than if we went alone. » 



Luc Spits - Charlotte Matz

« AWEX allows us to present our company thanks to visibility directly at the exhibition, but also on social media and the internet. »