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Ardennes 151

Ardent Real Estate


Quai des Ardennes, 151 in Chênée (LIEGE - BELGIUM)

Ardennes 151 :

Real estate project developed by Ardent Real 
Estate in Liège that is a housing project made up of:
- 80 apartments
- 1 office
- 83 parking spaces on 2 underground levels

The project will be carried out in compliance with high energy efficiency standards and sized based on passive standards. 

The project has an ideal location. In terms of accessibility, it is located along the Ourthe, on a main access road for the center of Liège. It has easy access to all services and businesses.


13,200 m²


BEE Architect

Searching for

Apartment buyers - Investors


Start of 2024: receipt of permit

Sustainability project

Passive standard residential



Sense of sharing
Technical know-how
Quality of life