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Bord de Meuse

Luc Spits Architecture


Hermalle-sous-Argenteau - Liège - Belgium


Luc Spits Architecture
rue de Mons 206 4600 Visé
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Bord de Meuse :

The Bord de Meuse project was developed by Spits to provide an innovative office space on the banks of the Meuse. The building faces the water and offers modular spaces, designed in detail to provide a pleasant and proactive daily experience.  

Heated ceilings, autonomous access, sustainable materials, high-performance glazing, autonomous management of room reservations and parking spaces, and a gym are just some of the features of this coworking space, which is new in the region. A modular restaurant space can be used as a reception area. 


Luc Spits Architecture

Searching for

Investors - tenant for the coworking spaces


Building permis submitted - start of the construction in 2023

Sustainability project

Green roofing, geothermal energy, heat pumps, soft mobility encouraged, sustainable materials, high performance glazing


4400 sqm


3344 sqm office space, parking, rooftop terrace
2 buildings alongside the road, offering 7 habitation units in total

Sense of sharing
Technical know-how
Quality of life