Pavé St Joseph, 1470 Genappe


Renaud Naiken
Business Manager Brabant Wallon
T +32 10 23 79 50

I-Dyle :

This project is the result of a competition (competitive dialogue) for which we were named the winner at the end of 2013. The competition was organised by the SARSI, for the account of the Walloon Region, which owns the lands (ZACC pavé St Joseph), within the framework of rehabilitating the site of the Genappe sugar refineries. 

The theme of the competitive dialogue was the creation of an eco-quarter on the ZACC “pavé St Joseph” located close to the centre of Genappe, facing the unused terrain of the Genappe sugar refineries. This neighbourhood will be developed around 5 themes: connections and structuration, natural environment, architecture and urban planning, equipment and diverse neighbourhood life, energy.

Sustainable Neighbourhood Project in Genappe, initially including 292 housing units, all of which fall into the mid-low/mid category. The intention is to target young households that wish to stay in Walloon Brabant.

Terrain area project site: 87,080 m²
Single family homes: 162 units
Apartments: 130 units
Total residential units:  292 units
Retail, Services, Communal gardens,...
Total CFS development excluded underground parkings : 33,590 m²

Surface area

Total area of the project site: 87,080 m²


Start of development 2012 -  end date of execution 2024

Property owner

Matexi NV


DDV & Partners + ABR 



Sense of sharing
Technical know-how
Quality of life