Ateliers Centraux / Gare SNCB

City of Seraing


Rue Ferdinand Nicolay, 4102 Seraing (Ougrée)

Ateliers Centraux / Gare SNCB :

This project is about the renovation and the requalification of a 4-hectare industrial halls site including:

  • The construction of a shared car parking with 599 spaces  
  • The creation of a pedestrian street and living space 

The complex will be connected by a pedestrian/cyclist footbridge to a 4-hectare green space, which will be partly occupied with a student housing project. The footbridge will also be connected to the new Ougrée train station (8 min from Liege central station).

An urban boulevard will be constructed behind the halls to connect the site to the surrounding areas; all these projects are funded by the ERDF program. 

In a second development phase, the West Hall (approx. 14,000 m²) and the “Locomotive” Hall (approx. 6,500 m²) will be able to accommodate future complementary projects that will revitalize the district. The economic development agency for the province of Liege (SPI) is responsible for the development of these.


Halls: 4 hectares
A parking lot with 599 places


Baumans-Deffet sprl (Industrial halls)
AgwA (Skywalk)


2020 – 2021: 

  • asbestos removal and partial deconstruction 


  • starting of the renovation work on the East and Central halls and construction of the footbridge + securing of the West Hall and “Locomotive” Hall


  • urban boulevard finished 


  • end of the construction of the footbridge
  • renovation of the East and Central Halls completed 
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