Bornival school



Rue Félcien Canart 1 - 1400 Nivelles


Rue de Libersart 1B
1457 Tourinnes-Saint-Lambert
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Bornival school :

The Bonrival school occupies a plot of land divided into two distinct parts, with a playground on the street side and a garden at the bottom of the plot, between which the original building occupies the entire width of the plot. The new extension entails a global reflection on the whole school to improve the sustainability, circulation, fluidity and general atmosphere of the existing buildings. The space to the rear of the main building is ideal for new classrooms as it is well oriented, open to the landscape and allows connections to the existing building. The extension is built at the back of the site with the same principle of stretching from party edge to party edge. This installation offers a reading of the spaces in successive stages from the street towards the back of the plot by generating an introverted central space, a gathering patio around which the circulation is found. The street, the pavement, the entrance to the site, the playground, the entrance to the existing building, the canopy linking the two buildings, opening onto a central garden allowing natural breathing before entering the new classrooms which are all largely open to the landscape. The envelope, the structure and the materiality are envisaged with great sobriety so as to make the presence of 2 taut concrete slabs, that of the floor and that of the roof, legible. Between these 2 slabs, the brick walls define the spaces.


Extension of a basic village school by the addition of classrooms opening onto the landscape.
The new building houses 3 new kindergarten classes, a primary class, a psychomotricity room, a meeting space in the heart of the school, a new sanitary block and all the circulation of the entire school. It also provides a continuous internal connection to all the existing classes and the refectory of the existing building.







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429 m² 



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