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BUMP - Unamur :

The Moretus Plantin University Library (BUMP) is the central library of the University of Namur. It is the main component of a coherent architectural complex designed by the architect Roger Bastin and built, for the most part, during the 1970s. Inaugurated in 1979, the BUMP has never been renovated. Although the services offered by the library have evolved considerably, the building now needs to be renovated to continue to improve them. What's more, climate change means that we need to respond to the energy challenges of our time. Located at the heart of the university, the BUMP is intended to be a central place in the lives of students and staff. It is the workplace of 35 members of staff and can accommodate 550 students.

Today, the BUMP has to respond to different needs, reconciling the following missions: 
- Providing work and study spaces for both individual and group work;
- Making documentation available;
- Offering a maximum number of places during "blockades", to meet the high demand for places, by concentrating them in a central location;
- Highlighting the heritage preserved at UNamur: promoting this heritage by organising exhibitions;- Offering a catering service: A catering area will be created close to the library and will operate independently; 

The BUMP must also be an exemplary building, reflecting UNamur's commitment to sustainable development, including the renovation of its external walls and technical installations (2050 objectives). These interventions represent a major challenge, not only to reduce primary energy consumption, but also to improve occupant comfort in both summer and winter.



12.247 m²


AAVO Architects
Avenue du Haureu 1
7700 Mouscron


Q3 - 2026


Existing site of the Moretus Plantin university library

Sustainability project

The university infrastructure energy renovation project is part of the European Union's recovery and resilience facility. The energy renovation aspect represents a major challenge, not only in terms of reducing primary energy consumption, but also in terms of improving the comfort of occupants in both summer and winter. Respect for the original architecture is also a leitmotif in all our considerations. This aspect began in the study phase with an audit. The energy renovation will be carried out following 3 inseparable steps : Thermal insulation - Ventilation - Airtightness.


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