Champs des Oiseaux - A real estate opportunity in the station area of Herstal

City of Herstal


4040 Herstal - rue Champs des Oiseaux


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Frédéric SIMON, Directeur
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Champs des Oiseaux - A real estate opportunity in the station area of Herstal

The Champs des Oiseaux project is a former industrial site, once home to a foundry and weapons factory, covering an area of around 6,500 m² in the city centre of Herstal. 

The site enjoys an excellent location in the immediate vicinity of Herstal station, the town centre and its many amenities (shops, schools, sports facilities, etc.). It is also bordered by an all new public park with a children's playground and skate park.

To support the redevelopment of this industrial wasteland, the site is being depolluted in partnership with the Walloon Region and SPAQUE. The soil remediation work will be completed by the end of 2024. 
Once the site has been cleaned up, it is intended to accommodate around forty housing units, green spaces and compatible economic activities (small and medium-sized businesses such as offices and small-scale crafts). A call for interest will be launched at the end of 2024. 

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2024 - 2026


6.500 m²

Sustainability project

Remediation of the site, which is currently underway, will reduce the health and environmental risks associated with soil pollution. 
Completion of the development project will enable the conversion of a brownfield site in the heart of Liège conurbation.
The project will provide new green spaces that will improve the quality of the region's ecosystems.
The development will also be connected to the soft mobility and public transport networks, to enable future residents to use alternative modes of transport to the car.



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